Google Maps VS. iOS6 Maps

I am an extremely heavy maps user. Both for work and for recreation. When it comes to work I need to quickly and accurately look up landmarks to places that I need to go for meetings and on the recreation front I like to see a lot of new places and explore areas of the earth where I am probably not going...
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Interesting Features of Google+

I was lucky enough to get onto Google + right from day one, owing to someone with the same name adding me to one of their +Circles and sending out an update. Since then I have been following the conversations about this product from Google with some interest. While a lot of it is very similar to what...
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Android Apps – GTasks

Over the years I have used and discarded many note taking / list making apps. Very useful and well made apps like ColorNote, Springpad and others. After having tried them and moved on from them, I have realized that there is only one “app” that I have used through that time till today. Tasks...
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Gmail Updated for the Better

Gmail has been, without a doubt, Google’s best product till date. It has just gotten better. Google has just updated the interface to be more natural and easier to use. To start with, the frequently used links for Mail, Contacts and Tasks have been moved to the top. This is really useful since...
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Gmail Goes Social With Buzz

Google revolutionized the email arena with the launch of Gmail a little over 5 years ago. However, in the recent past other services like MSN and Yahoo have been adding features that Google has forgone or not really been interested in integrating in to the Gmail platform. The last few weeks we have all...
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Google Maps has Fresh Images for Mumbai

Google maps has been updated with fresh images for the city of Mumbai in India. The images are hardly a couple of weeks old and show the current aerial views of Mumbai that can be recognized including the under construction Mumbai Metro, the Chembur Monorail and everything else that was earlier missing...
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Google Chrome Linux – Developer Release

As soon as Google provided the developer release of Google Chrome for Linux a few weeks ago, I have been using it regularly as a replacement of Firefox 3.0 that has been my main browser on Linux Mint. Right from first use the speed of Chrome blew me away without even conducting any benchmarks. Chrome...
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Google Analytics Custom Reporting

As you may know, you can now design reports by yourself in Google Analytics. These reports are very flexible. However, there is one custom data set that I want it to generate that doesn’t seem to be possible looking at the combination of elements provided in the custom reporting tool. So these...
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