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OnePlus One Long Term Review

When I first got the OnePlus One back in July 2014 there were already so many people writing reviews about the phone that there was really nothing more left to be said. It is difficult to write anything new about a phone that was surrounded by so much hype; both good and bad. There was a time when I...
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Review: Huawei U8100 Android Phone

Taking advantage of relatives coming in from Canada, I got my wife an Android phone. She was always keen on using a mobile device for her Email, Facebook and Twitter needs. The Huawei was available from Wind Mobile for CAD 160 without contract, although it was still locked to the carrier. The carrier...
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First Impression: Lenovo G550

I got my new laptop a few days ago. The Lenovo G550. I bought this laptop after a lot of research. My budget was south of INR 25000. This didn’t give me as many options as you would have with laptops in between INR 30k to 35k. Some of the other laptops that I disqualified were the Samsung R528 (because...
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Sony Alpha 300 Sensor Cleaning

For the last couple of months I have had to do a lot of cloning and fixing of most of the day time photos that I have shot due to dust stuck to the sensor of my Sony A300. I spend a lot of time post processing for dust specs removal to otherwise perfectly good images. The reason that I have so much dust...
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Review: Samsung Galaxy Spica

The Samsung Galaxy Spica (GT-I5700) The Samsung Galaxy Spica Android based phone has just been introduced into the Indian market adding to their existing Samsung Galaxy model which is also an android phone. Currently these are the only two Android based cell phones offered by Samsung here. Both the Galaxy...
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Games Service Centres Play

A few days ago, my one and a half year old Acer laptop developed a display problem (I think). The system would boot to a display littered with small lines and then freeze. I have a Acer 4520 service guide that is supposed to be standard issue to the Acer service centers. This guide didn’t help...
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