The Tech Press Catches Up – iOS is Outdated and Boring

It seems that the tech press has finally come to realize what I have been ranting about for the last one and a half years. iOS is outdated in terms of functionality and boring in terms of aesthetics. In the last few weeks I must have seen at least 5 to 6 articles and a lot of tweets that are basically...
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iPad Apps – Remote Access App Splashtop

Does it ever happen to you, that you are away from one of your computers and you find that you would very much like to be able to carry out a particular task on it, but you can’t; and your only choice is to wait till you are at the computer to do what you wanted to do? What could these tasks be,...
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The iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is out, and the only thing I don’t like about it is the name. Sounds un-thought to me. Apart from that, there are only little annoyances that bother me based on what I have seen so far. The main annoyance is the fact that it looks like Apple will need to update this product pretty...
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Jasmine Featured

iPad Apps – Jasmine (YouTube Client)

All of us who have upgraded to iOS6 know now that there is no native YouTube app available any more. This presents a couple of challenges for me who uses YouTube for storing and archiving personal videos in full HD quality. One. The YouTube site that opens up in the browser on the iPad is not appealing....
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Google Maps has Live Traffic Updates for Indian Cities

Google recently updated their Maps application with a couple of major (in my opinion) updates for India. Live traffic data for major cities in India and turn by turn navigation (which is in beta). The traffic data looks really good. Accurate for the areas that I frequent. I do wonder where this data...
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What I want from iOS6 (or the next version)

Hopefully with the release of the new iPad and apple tv in the coming months, we will be treated to an update of iOS as well. I am hoping that Apple can address some of my pet peeves about iOS5 and improve upon some things. I am an iPad user only and do not own an iPhone. My wish list is for the iPad...
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iPad Apps: Noteshelf

The iPad has been touted by many as a consumption device. People on the other side of the fence who say that it is a productivity and creation device generally have to go out of their way to make their point. At the end of the day it becomes quite clear that while the iPad may primarily be a consumption...
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Mileage Tracker for the iPad

There is a serious lack of powerful and good looking mileage tracking apps for the iPad. A problem which is not faced by it’s sibling, the iPhone. Why this dearth of apps in this category exists is not something I can put my finger on. In an effort to use the iPad as much as possible, it is very...
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How To – Multiple Albums on your iPad

If you have an iPad and sync photos to it with iTunes running on a PC, the following method might be of use to you. After getting the iPad 2, one of the first things that I synced to it were some of my photos. I had selected a few photos from my collection and moved them to a separate folder on my laptop...
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Alternative Browsers for the iPad

Till now I have only been using the built in safari browser on my iPad. It is fast and smooth and works well enough. However, as we all know, it lacks important features that we are all very used to on our desktop browsers. Most importantly, tabs. Until the fall when the iOS5 update comes to us, we have...
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