iPad Games – SimCity Deluxe

SimCity is one my favourite games of all time. I have always preferred the simulation style games right from the days of Ceasar and all the SimCity titles right from the start. SimCity Deluxe is available for the iPad and there was obviously no question that I had to have it. I was also curious to know...
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iPad Apps – Writings

Since I have got the iPad, I have been trying to do as much as possible on it. It hasn’t been easy. After getting the usual apps up and running on the iPad, like, Twitter, Facebook, various feed readers, I had to seriously start thinking about what else I can do with this thing. A lot of people...
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iPad Apps – MobileRSS

On the iPad there are a lot of apps that you can use to consume news and information. A lot of these apps, like Zite and Flipboard, provide a very nice reading experience from a variety of sources on the basis of topics that you choose. While I really like reading in Zite, Google Reader remains my staple...
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Review – Marware CEO Hybrid case for iPad 2

This is a review of the case that I have recently bought for the iPad 2 which is something I have recently acquired in exchange of moneys. I am not going to be doing a review for the iPad just yet. I am taking down my notes and will be collating then into a post on the iPad in the near future. This is...
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