Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Tasks and Windows

Having used the Win 8 Consumer Preview a lot since yesterday, I wanted to quickly touch upon a couple of things that are not very apparent ( not that much is). Windows 8 has a beautiful way of allowing you to work with two windows at the same time. and a much more useful task manager. First, the window...
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Microsoft Office Web Apps

A couple of weeks ago the Softies announced the availability of Microsoft Office Web Apps as a Technical Preview to a few thousand people by invitation. They also plan to make the beta available to the public at a later date. An online version of Office has always been expected and there has always been...
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Review: Microsoft Recite

The Recite interface is very simple and clean Microsoft is simplifying. They are doing it with Windows 7 and they are doing it in their mobile apps. At least that’s what I think. In any case that’s what is showing up in their new Voice Technology Preview, Recite. Microsoft Recite aims to...
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