FastNote is clean and simple with a non-existant learning curve

Windows Phone Apps: FastNote

To say that apps are lacking on the Windows Phone platform would not be completely untrue. Although there are very nice apps for all the usual things that a person may want to do on a phone, the app discovery experience is a little lacking. So it was a pleasant surprise when I happened to install FastNote,...
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iPad Apps – MobileRSS

On the iPad there are a lot of apps that you can use to consume news and information. A lot of these apps, like Zite and Flipboard, provide a very nice reading experience from a variety of sources on the basis of topics that you choose. While I really like reading in Zite, Google Reader remains my staple...
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Review – Marware CEO Hybrid case for iPad 2

This is a review of the case that I have recently bought for the iPad 2 which is something I have recently acquired in exchange of moneys. I am not going to be doing a review for the iPad just yet. I am taking down my notes and will be collating then into a post on the iPad in the near future. This is...
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BlackBerry Apps – PodTrapper

Having recently moved from an Android phone to a BlackBerry as my primary work phone, I thought this would be a good time to look at one of the apps that I find myself using most. The move made it very obvious to me that I was really spoilt when it came to apps on my smart phone. Android had so many...
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Android Apps – Springpad

I used to think that I only needed a simple note taking app on my android phone. A standalone app that would allow me to quickly create text notes and checklists that I could refer to when I needed. I was wrong. What I really needed was Springpad. The app that met my basic requirements was ColorNote....
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Android Apps – Go SMS

Generally I don’t really care about all the bugs that people keep reporting in Android and in all the apps. However, the recent news about the bug in the Android SMS app is one that I decided to take seriously. In brief, the app will send the SMS to the wrong person, a person that you did not intent...
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Android Apps – Google Reader

If there is one web service that is constantly open in my browser, it is Google Reader. Considering that I depend on the feeds in Google Reader for all that is going on in the various worlds of all the topics that I am interested in, Google Reader is always open. The downside to this dependence was that...
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Android Apps – Clockr

Clockr is a widget for the home screen that tell you the time in plain text. It is very elegant and is a departure from the fairly heavy clock and clock + weather widgets that you may find on other home screens. Clockr adds a simple, elegant text clock to your home screen The font can be customized...
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Huawei’s Customizations to Android 2.1

The Huawei U8100 is an entry level Android device, which retails for only about 150 Canadian dollars. In spite of this it bundles a really good package. In fact, apart from the low resolution screen, you would be hard pressed to find any other deal breaker with the device. Huawei has also customized...
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Android Quick Tip – Contact Operations

Due to the so called “fragmentation” in the Android OS, there has always been a lack of documentation related to any particular version of Android. This means that if the manufacturer of your phone doesn’t tell you about it, you will probably miss out on using a lot of features that...
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