Android Quick Tip – Smiley Meanings

Using “Smileys” or “Emoticons” in text messages is very common today. All phones today have a fair selection available to you to use in your messages. On Android phones too, you have a dedicated button on the stock android keyboard for inserting these emoticons. Even third party...
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Android Quick Tip – Send to Voicemail

How many times have you wished that you could auto divert an irritating person’s call directly to voice mail, without even having to lift a finger? Well, you can do exactly that with Android. Even better, if you don’t have voice mail set up with your service provider, the offending caller...
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Paid Apps Available in India on Android Market, Auto Updates

As of 12:30 PM India time, I have paid apps showing up in the Android Market in India. This has been rumoured on various sites like Android Central and AndroidOS.in, and was expected to launch over the next couple of weeks. Well, Christmas seems to have come early depending on which way you look...
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Android Quick Tip – WiFi

When on wifi on your Android phone, you may have noticed that once you switch off your screen, your wifi goes to sleep and wakes up to connect only once you wake up the screen. In the interim period when the phone wakes up and the wifi is yet to connect to any available network, you are using the data...
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Review: Huawei U8100 Android Phone

Taking advantage of relatives coming in from Canada, I got my wife an Android phone. She was always keen on using a mobile device for her Email, Facebook and Twitter needs. The Huawei was available from Wind Mobile for CAD 160 without contract, although it was still locked to the carrier. The carrier...
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Android Apps – aCar

Now that Android phone sales are really starting to pick up (about 200,000 every day), Android developers may actually start seeing revenue coming their way from App sales and not just voluntary donations. Since Google still needs to enable paid app downloads/purchases in most of the countries where...
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Android Apps – FeedR

FeedR is my current favourite application for dealing with my Google Reader account on my phone. It has a nice clean interface and almost all the features that you could want in a feed reading application. However, I have been looking at some of the reader apps available for iPhone and thinking that...
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Android Apps – Google Places

Google Places recently became available in the Android Market here in India. This is a screen-shot tour of the app. This application would have been infinitely more usable if Google Navigation worked in India. In it’s current form, its not bad. It looks like the venues and locations are pretty...
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Android Apps – SwiftKey

SwiftKey just came into the Android Market with the promise of 50% faster typing speeds. SwiftKey is one of the on-screen keyboards that just became available for Android devices. It’s released as a time limited beta and the full version is expected soon. SwiftKey is from a company called TouchType...
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Long Term Review: Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 with Android 2.1

I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Spica since February 2010. Samsung officially upgraded the original Android 1.6 to 2.1 in May 2010, and I have been using 2.1 on my Spica since then. This is a follow-up post to my previous post on the Spica when I first got it. My Spica is now running 2.1, and I...
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