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iPad Apps – Jasmine (YouTube Client)

All of us who have upgraded to iOS6 know now that there is no native YouTube app available any more. This presents a couple of challenges for me who uses YouTube for storing and archiving personal videos in full HD quality. One. The YouTube site that opens up in the browser on the iPad is not appealing....
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Windows 7 – Microsoft Security Essentials

Lets face it. If you are using Windows, you would be mad to not have a good antivirus installed on your system. That’s what you get when you are using the most widely used OS in the world. The bad guys are out to get you and your data. Yes, you, specifically. When it comes to antivirus software,...
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Android Apps – Google Reader

If there is one web service that is constantly open in my browser, it is Google Reader. Considering that I depend on the feeds in Google Reader for all that is going on in the various worlds of all the topics that I am interested in, Google Reader is always open. The downside to this dependence was that...
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Android Apps – Clockr

Clockr is a widget for the home screen that tell you the time in plain text. It is very elegant and is a departure from the fairly heavy clock and clock + weather widgets that you may find on other home screens. Clockr adds a simple, elegant text clock to your home screen The font can be customized...
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Android Apps – aCar

Now that Android phone sales are really starting to pick up (about 200,000 every day), Android developers may actually start seeing revenue coming their way from App sales and not just voluntary donations. Since Google still needs to enable paid app downloads/purchases in most of the countries where...
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Android Apps – ColorNote

There are a lot of note taking applications available in the Android Market. Most of the ones that I tried were either too simple or had just too many features that I would never use. ColorNote solved that problem for me. ColorNote by Social & Mobile is the best application that I found that is not...
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WPtouch – A Mobile Theme for your Blog

With all the fancy phones that are coming out all the time, I think that its a good idea to have a mobile version of your blog also available so that people with mobile devices are able to get the full experience of your website even if they visit through a mobile browser. While the browsers, that are...
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How To: Getting Screenshots of your Android Phone

When I used to use my Windows Mobile device there was this awesome application available called MyMobiler. This application allowed me to access my WM5 phone on my desktop and control everything on the device. It also allowed me to take screenshots of the device, which was very useful when I was reviewing...
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Android Apps: WordPress

This post had a dual purpose. Firstly, since i have been ranting a lot about Swype all over the internet, I wanted to see if I can actually do any real articles on the phone of any decent length. Secondly, I wanted to also write about WordPress for Android. That’s what I am writing this post on. WordPress...
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Android Apps – Swype Beta

Data entry on my touch screen only phone can be a pain sometimes. Unfortunately the Samsung Spica’s on screen keyboard is not as good as the iPhone’s. The on screen keyboard lacks the speed that I would want and my stubby fingers don’t help. Text entry in portrait mode was a real task...
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