Initial Impressions – Sony Alpha SLT A58

I have always wondered why people only consider Nikon and Canon when they are thinking of buying a DSLR camera. I wondered the same when I bought my first entry level DSLR, the Sony Alpha A300, and I wondered the same this time when I updated my shooter to the Sony Alpha SLT A58. As far an entry level...
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Minolta 50mm f1.7 Lens

I have been looking to get my hands on a 50mm prime for my A300 for some time now. I wanted to buy a brand new one that Sony has on their web site. Unfortunately it is completely beyond my budget. On top of that, my standard kit 18-70 lens started acting up. The focus ring was getting stuck halfway in...
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Remote Timer for Sony Alpha

The last accessory that I bought for my camera kit were some really inexpensive (and pretty useless) optical filters of various colours and some of the macro type filters which too haven’t been used much. Since it had been some time since I had bought anything for the camera, I was looking for...
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Review: Sony SAL 18-70 Standard Zoom Lens

This is the standard kit lens available with all the entry level Sony Alpha DSLR range cameras. This is an all purpose lens which gives good performance throughout it 18 to 70mm range. The increased range to 70mm (unlike most other manufacturers offering only 55mm), allows you to take good portrait shots...
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Review: Sony SAL 75-300 Telephoto Zoom Lens

This lens is a perfect compliment to the standard 18-70 lens that the Sony A300 comes kitted with. Since the 5mm difference is negligible, both the lenses together provide you with an amazing 18-300mm range, which is the equivalent of 27-450mm field with a 35mm. I have been using this lens for the last...
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Camera Shootout: Old Sony VS New Sony

Having migrated to a SLR camera, I have stopped using my Sony S80 point and shoot as much. In fact the last time that I used it was when I was writing a review of the Sony A300 that I bought in December 08. My S80 has served me well for the last 4 years, right up until December 25th 2008. I might still...
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