All the usual applications are present in this preview. Which is good!

What I Like in Office 2013 (and what I don’t)

A preview version of Office 2013 came out a few days ago. Being the intrepid beta / preview / alpha / use at your own risk software aficionado, I obviously had to put it on my main (and only) home laptop which is also currently the home for the Windows 8 Release Preview. The Office 2013 Preview come...
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Get Apps on the Desktop with Pokki

We have all gotten used to apps. We have apps on our phones, on our tablets, on our desktops / laptops and even on our TVs. There is something very comforting in the fact that you are using something designed to do a particular task well. I prefer to use apps even if there is an alternative way to use...
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Use the New Rupee Symbol in Office Applications

The new Rupee symbol was adopted officially by India mid last year. However, it has still not been incorporated into popular office and word processing applications like Office from Microsoft or even in the open source office suites like Libre Office. You still might end up using either INR or Rs. which...
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Switch from Windows to Linux

If you are considering switching from a Windows only or a Windows & Linux combination desktop, then this article may be of interest to you. I have gone from a Windows only to Windows + Linux to an only Linux laptop in about a year and a half and am now comfortably surviving without Windows at all....
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Get Microsoft to Fund Linux

Its always fun to see big corporations funding open source and free software. Whether they do this willingly or unwillingly really doesn’t matter as long as your favourite open source/free project gets a nice donation. It makes you feel like you have achieved a little victory for the open source/free...
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Accessing Linux Partitions in Windows

If you are like me and dual boot your computer with Windows and Linux (pick a flavour, any flavour), then you might have come across the need to access your ext partitions while you are booted into Windows. While the opposite (accessing ntfs partitions in Linux) requires no “doing” as such,...
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